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Nexus Room offers custom designed intelligent home solutions of the highest quality. We work from A to Z: from initial consultation, to system design, installation, user interface and support. We are certified for and represent over 20 world-leading brands within intelligent home and AV solutions. Our team of electricians and system integrators are known for their quality of work and attention to detail. Read more about our different services below:

Initial consultation: together with you, your architect, and sometimes also your interior designer, we assist you in finding the solution that fits your needs. Whether you desire full automation of your entire home, or of specific segments only, we will advice you on technology, product choice, design and functionality.

System design: based on your requirements and the specifics of your home, we will custom-design a system with products and functionality that will take your home to a new level. We carefully integrate our solutions with your architect drawings, and we pride ourselves in creating highly innovative solutions that circumvent even the most challenging obstacles.

Installation: we centralize all of your home technology into a rack, hiding all cables and replacing all remote controls with intelligent keypads and a single remote or touch panel. We work closely with your architect and construction team, and we adapt our installations to the dynamics of the construction process.

User interface: our solutions are technically complex yet incredibly easy to use. We customize the user interface on your touch panel, tablet or smart phone according to your wishes – from interface design to language choice. Naturally, any adjustments to your user interface can be made at any time.

Service and support: our service and support packages give you the comfort of quick and professional assistance if and when you need it. From regular system servicing to updating functionalities – we will be there for you to ensure that your system runs smoothly and just the way you want it.

Upgrading: as technology and your needs develop, so can our system. Any additions, upgrades or adjustments can be made smoothly, so that you will always be able to enjoy a home that is up-to-date with the very latest within intelligent home and AV solutions.

To get a full understanding of how we work and what we can do for you, we recommend a private viewing of our show villa in Budva, Montenegro. Contact us now to make an appointment.


    • Initial consultation
    • System design
    • Installation
    • User interface
    • Service and support
    • Upgrading