Luxury villa with private Marina, Montenegro


This client wanted quality, comfort and security. Through full automation; outstanding light-design; a state-of-the-art security system; and integrated audio-video solutions throughout, this villa has literally been taken to the next level.

Automation & Security

Fully automated solutions throughout makes it incredibly easy to use lighting, HVAC, and multiroom AV. Pre-defined scenarios – such as turning on and off sprinklers and outdoor lighting – lets the owner enjoy this beautiful home without having to worry about its everyday management. The ability to control and check the villa remotely from anywhere in the world adds additional security. Russian graphics, fully customized according to the client’s detailed wishes, makes home control incredibly easy.

Light, picture and sound

The villa’s 10 indoor audio-zones are all equipped with amazing Artcoustic Loudspeakers with timeless motives that further enhance the villa’s beautiful interiors. Complete indoor and outdoor light design creates amazing effects, day and night, without intruding in the natural environment. Outdoor light and sound create seamless transitions between the villa and its gardens, adding to this extraordinary living experience. Working out in the private gym is easy, with the amazing Agath mirror-TV solution. A Kaleidescape audio-video server allows for easy access to movies and music in every part of the house.


    • Fully automated solutions throughout
    • Total home control, even when away
    • Amazing indoor and outdoor light and sound
    • Movie server for entertainment throughout
    • Customized mirror TV solution in private gym