The ultimate bachelor’s pad, Belgrade, Serbia

This luxury penthouse is located in Belgrade‚Äôs trendiest residential area. Security, ease-of-use, and an extremely high wow-factor were equally high on this client’s wish list.

Complete Crestron automated control for multi-room AV, light, heating and floor heating makes living in this apartment incredibly easy. With pre-defined scenarios, the switch from party mode to romance is instantaneous.

Beautiful Artcoustic loudspeakers are part of the outstanding sound solution; the invisible audio-system in the master bedroom, bathroom and kitchen add that extra ambiance without interfering with the design.

The tailor-made Ad-Notam mirror TV, especially created to be integrated with a custom-built aquarium, creates an incredible feature where the aquarium can be viewed from both the master bedroom and the living room. The client can control the aquarium light in full RGB spectrum to create different effects.

The sleek, Crestron-controlled Planika bio-ethanol fireplace, placed under the TV creates a cosy, romantic atmosphere, while enhancing the movie experience. Gorgeous Delta Light details throughout further add to the overall impression of the space.

A state-of-the-art alarm and CCTV-system is integrated, ensuring a secure living.


    • Complete Crestron home automation
    • Full security with integrated alarm and CCTV-system
    • Invisible, state-of-the art audio system
    • Tailor-made mirror TV solution
    • Crestron-controlled fireplace